Meet Amie

Colorado & New York


I was born in Long Beach California but my Mom and I returned to her hometown of Buffalo New York when I was three years old.  The land of chicken wings, and the city of good neighbors.

Because of this move early on in life I consider myself a Buffalo New York native, and I am EXTREMELY proud of that!  Buffalo may not have the mountains of Colorado but it has amazing waterfalls and the best food ever which make up for it.  

I have loved photography since high school where we still used film and a dark room! For years I filled up the memory on my iPhone with pictures of anything that I saw beauty in. After living in Colorado and photographing every mountain I could get my eye on I decided to purchase my first big girl camera and become a real Colorado photographer. Having photographs of my friends, my family, my travels and pets brings me extreme joy. My goal as a photographer is to give you those photos that bring you that joy! I promise to be funny and sarcastic during our session. And I apologize in advance for my husband who often comes as my assistant, because he’s probably going to tell you a lot of Dad jokes.

I am madly in love with my husband who I met through our mutual insane obsession of the Dave Matthews Band.  Now that the 2018 summer tour has ended he has seen 70 something shows and I have seen 50 something.  Some people think we are crazy but we’ve met some lifelong friends (one of which officiated our wedding) and we’ve got to travel to some cool new places.  At the end of 2018 we welcomed the most perfect baby girl named Stella! She is not only gorgeous but also the happiest little baby and makes a perfect model for me!

I’m also madly in love with my 14 year old Keeshond named Ruby and my 7 year old tuxedo cat Charlotte.   

Hiking, camping and wildlife watching are my favorite pastimes.  I will sit and stare at a moose, or any animal for hours if I’m allowed.  

I have a strong love for tacos and pizza and would eat them daily if it was appropriate.  So much so that I served a taco bar at my wedding! 

I am currently booking 2019 weddings in Buffalo NY and Colorado! Send me a message so we can plan your dream day!

Colorado Wedding Photographer | New York Wedding Photographer

Denver Wedding Photographer | Buffalo Wedding Photographer

Some of my random obsessions:

Snow, Dateline, sushi, animals (especially moose), coffee, Mountain Dew, croissants, fuzzy North Face jackets, Dave Matthews Band,Waterfalls, Mountains, Bath and Body Works Winter Candy Apple scent, olives and fancy cheeses.


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